"MIHAMA" is the most popular fabric shop in Nippori, that is the largest fabric town in Japan. There are more than 100 fabric shops in Nippori, "MIHAMA" specializes in Japanese KIMONO and/or traditional Japanese pattern cloths, for over 30 years. "MIHAMA" is now an international brand of Japanese fabric.

We are the only E-commerce site in the world to sell "MIHAMA" brand. We will deliver the highest quality Japanese fabric which we can only buy in Japan originally.

Japanese KIMONO Fabric has a history of over 1,000 years is beautiful and high quality. It gives the impression of Japanese "Pure, Delicate and  Beautiful" to anyone at a glance. Of course, it is nice to decorate as it is, and  you can make wonderful things even if you produce various fashion items such as Longyi.

MIHAMA sells fabrics which are precisely cut to size that is easy to process. We package the fabric as it is or process it one by one manually to achieve the Highest-Quality.

If you come to Japan and try to buy the fabric, you must be surprised at the variety of patterns and materials. In order to obtain a higher degree of satisfaction, it is necessary to choose the pattern that you like, and the material that suits for the application.

We promise to deliver the highest satisfaction to you by utilizing our own expertise as "fabric expert", and conducting easy-to-understand set sales according to the application.

Our Services Include

Means of Payment

You can choice multiple means of settlement, such as Creditcard(VISA / MASTER / JCB), Paypal, and Amazon Payment.

Safe Transportation

We use Japanese Safe Mailing means to deliver any products.

100% Made In Japan
We guarantee all the products we sell are 100% made in Japan, and purchased from MIHAMA.